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Our Organic Farms And Store

The Greenpath Era Organic Store is India’ largest Organic Store is a ‘Soil to Soul’ enterprise that brings nature’ goodness to your doorstep. Only the finest and the freshest produce, organically grown in our food forests is handpicked, curated and delivered to you. You can source a wide variety of whole grains, pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits & forgotten foods with high nutritive values like millets. All 100% organic, come enter a new organic era with just a few clicks. Sukrishi Farm is where the foundational stones of the Green Path were laid. Spread across 40 acres amidst the serene verdant landscapes of Nelamangala, the farm is home not just to hundreds of different crops and trees, but diverse animals and birds in their natural habitat. 

As custodians of this planet, we respect Nature in all its forms. Our crops are grown naturally and organically, using only rainwater that we harvest and has got a bamboo house for farm stay. It has been chosen farm tourism destination in India, hosts visitors from all over the world as also provides extensive training to local farmers. The Greenpath, Coorg has got its charm to make you experience the green acres beaming with the aroma of coffee flowers and witnessing the breathtaking beautiful lush coffee plantations. We want our Sustainability enthusiasts to relish the taste, flavour and richness of locally and organically grown coffee beans. From Bean to Box so that you experience the Farm with every sip and slurp.

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