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About Us

Our Mission

To create easily replicable models of sustainable living through organic farming and good food movement in order to inspire more people to adopt an Eco-conscious lifestyle.

Our Vision

To celebrate the fullness of life by honoring and preserving the natural ecology of Mother Earth as well as mankind – as part of one universe.

Our Founder

Meet Mr. H.R Jayaram, who took the plunge to contribute his bit to make man experience the vastness of Nature and her compassion. His background of being born and brought up in a village made him realise he must invest his resources wisely to start and support the Natural Farming Movement. A lawyer by profession and a Nature lover by passion, Mr. Jayaram started farming in the year 1998 and later on gave birth to ‘The Greenpath’ a web of eco-initiatives in the year 2007. He has received numerous accolades for his contribution in this sector.

Founder Jayaram is the founder secretary of Jaivik Krishik Society (JKS), a federation of farmer groups founder by Govt. of Karnataka. He is also the Vice President of Internationl Competence Center for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) and a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM – Organics International).

Our Path

The Greenpath has come a long way and determined to make sure that the new way of being, new way of living, new way of breathing and new way of working, everything is in alignment with the laws of Mother Nature.

TGP is playing a vital role in Indian Organic & Good Food movement. From running a food forest offering which has attracted hundreds of people from all over the world from last two decades; to conducting hundreds of fairs, exhibitions, workshops, melas, awareness campaigns to promote organic to the masses.

Our Organic Farms & Store

The Greenpath Era Organic Store is India’ largest Organic Store is a ‘Soil to Soul’ enterprise that brings nature’ goodness to your doorstep. Only the finest and the freshest produce, organically grown in our food forests is handpicked, curated and delivered to you. You can source a wide variety of whole grains, pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits & forgotten foods with high nutritive values like millets. All 100% organic, come enter a new organic era with just few clicks.

Sukrishi Farm is where the foundational stones of the Green Path were laid. Spread across 40 acres amidst serene verdant landscapes of Nelamangala, the farm is home not just to hundreds of different crops and trees, but diverse animals and birds in their natural habitat. As custodians of this planet, we respect Nature in all its forms. Our crops are grown naturally and organically, using only rain water that we harves and has got a bamboo house for farm stay. It has been chosen farm tourism destination in India, hosts visitors from all over the world as also provides extensive training to local farmers.

The Greenpath, Coorg has got it charm to make you experience the green acres beaming with aroma of coffee flowers and witnessing the breathtaking beautiful lush coffee plantations. We want our Sustainability enthusiasts to relish the taste, flavour and richness of locally and organically grown coffee bean. From Bean to Box so that you experience the Farm with every sip and slurp.


Smt. Nagamma
Mother of Nature

Mr. H R Jayaram
Founder at The Greenpath


Our Eco-initiatives

The Greenpath Forgotten Food Restaurant was started to take forward the Good Food Movement through the restaurant. At Forgotten Food, we bring to your table traditional cuisines and secret recipes you may have forgotten that too 100% organic! Our buffet celebrates all kinds of millets & delicacies made from local, seasonal and organic ingredients. At our terrace garden we grow organic greens and vegetables using vermicomposting.

The Eco-Stays in Bangalore & Coorg providing options for residential work stays and wellness retreats in the most sustainable ways possible.

The Greenpath Eco-hotel in Bangalore a village in the city. When you stay at the Eco-Hotel, eco-consciousness stays with you. The only lush green option located in the midst of Bangalore on New BEL Road, the Greenpath Eco-Hotel represents enviornmentally responsible hospitality at its best. The Greenpath is a unique set of 55 rooms with a host of sustainable amenities. The Eco-Hotel has been tagged as Traveller’s Choice Destination by Tripadvisor.

The Greenpath Eco-retreat in Coorg hosts national as well as international volunteers and guests who have taken away with them our sustainability models & organic way of life. Set admist the stunning coffee plantations lets you be at one with Nature. The Eco-Retreat has won coveted awards for it’s Eco-sensitive construction and responsible tourism.

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